About Us

The Southeast Apparel located in Dhaka, Bangladesh is a  GARMENTS BUYING HOUSE (providing manufacturing and export service), and SOURCING AGENT is a one-stop source for overseas buyers to buy their high quality knit and woven garments from Bangladesh.

The Southeast Apparel staff is dedicated to ensuring that our customers realize outstanding value in all products and services we provide. To that end, we have invested in the latest technology to maximize efficiency including Gerber technology for plant operations and design, a CAD cutting system as well as a Jonar Apparel System for manufacturing and accounting systems. Engineering and modernization initiatives are part of how we do business!

We take orders from buyers and place them to our factories.We do production planning from very initial stage,do follow up, communicate with buyers regularly,inform daily status, do inline and final inspection, control shipping schedule and finally check and dispatch shipping documents to the buyers. All this is done under a professional and sincere guidance. A proactive work system and vertical operation, allow us to move at utmost speed. Moreover, we undertake all kinds of trading and sourcing as long as it is covered by our license. Of course, in all (including apparel) export-import businesses, it is axiomatic that the suppliers must ensure quality, reasonable price, and in time shipment. And, to this end, we are bound by our commitment and successfully functional by our experienced as well as proactive professionals.

Now, The Southeast Apparel is moving forward through the way where ethical practices, health & hygiene, safety, security, green environment are met with the appropriate meanings and for the whole satisfaction of the value-chain members in the world market. With sporting spirit, The Southeast Apparel pursues progress as a matter of unending self-actualization. Thanks to our valued customers for their trust on us, we have been enjoying a continuous yearly growth for long and so implementing expansion almost on a regular basis.

Our staff designer is able to adjust existing patterns to specifically suit each customer’s individual needs. When requested, we can develop new and innovative designs to best serve our clients. Each and every garment we manufacture also goes through a rigorous inspection process that guarantees the end product is of the highest quality possible.

Our motto is to attain the highest level of competence through continuous development of the professional management. The export volume & value of the company has emerged drastically in the year 2011-12.

We have timely turnaround for shipping out products that are kept in stock. This allows for fast and efficient delivery at a great price.