Quality Assurance

We believe that the cornerstone of our success at The Southeast Apparel Textile has been the high level of quality and social compliance that we have maintained. To ensure this level of quality, we have identified three core factors which have proven to be highly effective in this regard: Communication, Supplier Quality etc:


To maintain efficient communication, Jami Fashion adheres to certain practices that it has found to provide effective results. Single Point of Contact for Customers: all customers are allocated a merchandiser (or account manager) who is responsible for all aspects of your order, from arranging the sampling to the final delivery of goods. Customers can therefore rest assured that whatever information they need, whether its about documentation, production or delivery, their merchandiser will be able to provide it instantly. (Customers are also able to contact several other individuals within Jami Fashion, whether in London or in Dhaka). Regular Factory Visits: all merchandisers and quality controllers visit factories where Jami Fashion production is being carried out. In the case of the latter, quality controllers are required to maintain a constant presence at the factory, to ensure that each stage of the production is meeting Jami Fashion standards. In the case of the former, Jami Fashion merchandisers meet factory owners to ensure that timely production of goods is maintained.


Many of our customers, when they first start their relationship with Jami Fashion utilize our quality assurance services. In this capacity, we are employed as a first party and some times third-party to ensure that garments produced for our customer by our factory or their appointed factories meet the customer’s quality standards. In the vast majority of cases, customers that have utilized our quality controlled services have eventually outsourced their production to us as well.