Our Service

Our services extend to but are not limited to managing various aspects of clients buying operations at sourcing sites/ countries such as:


The Southeast Apparel arranges development of prototype patterns and samples, approval samples and patterns, grading to all requisite size ranges and size sets, production markers ensuring most judicial use of fabrics keeping in mind all technicalities of fabric to produce most desirable garments. Our developments include variety of cargoes, T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Sports Wear, Fleece Jackets  and ladies and girls dresses,  t-tops, trousers etc.


Having extensive network of fabric supply from Bangladesh, The Southeast Apparel controls quality of all fabric inputs and coordinates timing of their procurement and imports and its timely delivery at garment manufacturing units.

Fabrics are tested for colour fastness, fabric strength, flammability or any other parameters set by buyers to ensure product satisfaction. Most commonly used fabrics include denims, twills, cotton and poly/nylon/viscose blends; yarn dyed plaids, stripes, dobbies, jaquards, herring bones, moss crepes, spandex yarn dyes, poly micro fibres, poly micro mesh, knit piques, interlocks, thermals, jaquards, french terrys, fleece, ribs, double mercerised etc.


For each production specimen The Southeast Apparel analyzes and identifies most suitable country for the garment category that particular specimen pertains to, ensuring smooth flow of production and timely shipping.


The Southeast Apparel helps production units to import required labels and trims if they are not available locally. Our personnel control strict adherence to labeling, packing and carton marking instructions provided by buyers.


We at The Southeast Apparel believe in maintaining systems and control measures from yarn-weaving-fabric stages in accordance to AQL 2.5 system to deliver flawless garments. Our quality assurance personnel stationed at all manufacturing sites ensure that all production units are geared to run on AQL 2.5, thereby eliminating the last minute rejection factor giving you value for your money.


The Southeast Apparel check all shipping documents as per buyers instructions and ensure dispatch of documents as per dispatch instructions provided by buyers L/Cs, well in advance of the actual shipment arrival with intimation to buyers and their clearing agents.


The Southeast Apparel ensure that all production units follow healthy and safe labour practices eliminating any use of child labour/ prison labour/ forced labour and providing required living and sanitation facilities and justified wage structures as per relevant countries norms. Adequate fire safety measures are followed, fire fighting equipment are deployed and serviced regularly, and employees are trained to handle fire fighting equipment in case of emergency.

Working Procedure in Particular:

For fresh production, we prefer to pursue the following steps-

  1. Buyer provides us the Technical and all details of the objective product.
  2. We do the consumption and costing in our office by our own professional, independent of any factory.
  3. We offer the buyer the costing that should be feasible and then, if it is necessary, we negotiate to agree to a price.
  4. We negotiate with the factories that would be interested in undertaking the order at the price that have been agreed upon with the buyer.
  5. We submit to the buyer company profiles of the factories that agree to take the order.
  6. Buyer audits and selects the factories.
  7. We submit the Pro-forma Invoice.
  8. Buyer issues us TRANSFERABLE LC.
  9. We transfer the LC to the factory and then-
  10. Production process commences.